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Giant Mushrooms!


Thanksgiving Day, 2012. We went for a walk to the local park just down the street.

As we turned just past the railroad tracks onto the road/walkway leading into the park, I looked ahead to a tall spruce tree and saw these two beauties underneath it. Keiko and I hurried over to them and they looked nice. One was snacked on a little bit by a banana slug, but otherwise they looked pristine.

Keiko said we should pick them when we came back but I was not gonna let these beauties get away. So I grabbed them and hoofed back whence we came with my prize.

Now this year has been decisively bad for mushrooms. Rains came late, but at least there have been not too many really cold nights. I was quite surprised to see these two Boletus Edulis, or King Bolettes (porcini), under that tree. It must be a royal tree, because when we moved here in July, the same tree had about a dozen dried out and otherwise spentĀ Agaricus augustus, commonly called ‘The Prince.’

So we left to our walk and we walked on the path and through the woods, not seeing anything else worth picking, which has been the norm of late.

We arrived home and I got to work. I washed the dirt off and cleaned off the bottom of the stem. No signs of fly larvae in either of them! I sliced some to have with our Thanksgiving dinner and then set the spore tubes to simmer to make some broth. I should have added a bit more water as I soon was greeted with a burning smell. I salvaged some of the non-stuck to the pan bits and tried again.

I filled up the dehydrator with a bit more than one mushroom. So two times the dehydrating fun. Can’t wait to use these for pizza.

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