Uncommon Food for the Common Man

Great food is worth the time to make it

About me

I started cooking because I liked to eat good food. I also used to think a couple of Swanson Pot Pies was a great meal. (Actually, I still do –  it’s a guilty pleasure for me a couple times a year.)

In my early 20s I started watching “The Frugal Gourmet.” Jeff Smith introduced me via the TV to food worlds I did not know, and also those I was familiar with. My family history is mostly Slavic and I like to think I inherited my love of food from Grandpa Ponzo.

I’m married to the wonderful Keiko, the love of my life, who says one of the reasons she married me was I can feed her. We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with our dog McTavish and a fat cat called Martha.

Food and love go hand in hand. We cook most often for those we love most, our families. Love food, life and family. The rest will take care of itself.


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