Uncommon Food for the Common Man

Great food is worth the time to make it

September 30, 2009
by greggle


Hi. Welcome to Uncommon Food for the Common Man. On these pages you will find many tasty recipes, succulent photos, various rantings, links to other food blogs, restaurant posts and other things of interest. Yes, another food blog.

Styles will run the gamut of comfort foods to Japanese to family favorites. Many recipes will take a little time to prepare, because I often like to do things the old fashioned way. Stock from scratch. Mortar and pestle instead of a food processor. Catching dinner from a Pacific NW river. Sausage making. Brewing. I figure if you want a good meal, you should take time to do it right.

You won’t find wine pairings with food here, but maybe a beer pairing. I do cook with wine, but seldom drink it and when I do, I tend to use cheapish wines. You won’t find too many extravagant ingredients, perhaps a few hard to get Japanese ingredients here and there, but with Amazon.com you can get nearly anything you need.

Hopefully I will give you insights into cooking that I learned through the years after I realized I could not eat Swanson Pot Pies and frozen processed foods all the time. I liked to eat, but going out to eat was often beyond my means. Also, after many times dining out (mostly because I was cheap) I thought I could do better. So I started to really cook.

My food awakening started when I started watching ‘The Frugal Gourmet.’ A few cookbook purchases later and I was on my way.

UFftCM will hopefully expand your ideas for meals, impress guests and stimulate your creativity in the kitchen. Jump in and enjoy.